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by Redemptor

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bmurator Polish Technical Death Metal. The treasures I find in YomaBarr's collection! I don't think I would have found this otherwise... So very happy to be here - thanks Yoma! This kicks butt! Top quality & I am going to have to dig into their discography now... :) No faves & highly recommended!!!
TRAV HART thumbnail
TRAV HART Man, these songs are brutal and crushing yet melodic and catchy. More please! Favorite track: Potion of The Skies.
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YomaBarr The day...
First that unbelievable Dormant Ordeal at night, then this. I can die now.
On the second thought, can't. Dead people don't listen to music.

pięknie daliście, panowie! 👍🤘 Tylko krótko.

bmurator I'm happy you like it :)
Karan ST
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Karan ST Finally a new album after Arthaneum. Great to have both styles of sound with Arthaneum and Agonia.
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Violent multitude, triggered with primitive motives False clarity, the obvious choice is always a warning The marrow is hidden from perception Servants and martinets, force fed to follow march ahead Confront to build the borders Omit the slight of hand Behold the sores opening Glorious reign of dread Mass disaffection Pressure rising inside Collision Mass attrition Momentum wasted away Desolation Physical tectonic plates Unconscious mass restructured to become A slave of its own, blind movement and cause Curtailment to be done, destruction orgy Casualties unknown
If the stars had found their way, colliding. (then) we would be gone at suspension of time. The giant objects moved by massive explosions, flares in space nowhere into nowhere. A mythic potion obtained from the skies. Breaking one’s promise guarded by scape. By all means to lit, by all wills of oath. Eternity in rapture above the law. Formulas, tools called by dimensions. Creation - a sage of forge, an aging force, absorption, charmed by thy powers, possession - pushed its roots to infinity. Disciples found their way, wand of the world. Winds of time blurred the dimension. The giant objects moved by massive explosions, flares in space nowhere into nowhere. Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth. Ptolemy
TAR 03:55
Heat from within, gloom kindles the fire. It spills out & covers the light. Meaning, loss, persistence of might. Piles cannot oppose the density. The wicked circle faces its destiny, trembles anxiously, dying defying. The tar flows down the valley. Towards perdition, withstand ignition. Ritual of fire, dust and pyre. Shredded bones in vortex of contempt. Lurking demons above the dead. Scattered stones like stars mark the way in the crust. The tongues of flame lash and burn. Powers and spells, holds back the gates. The Petrified substance smokes and blurs. Heat from within, gloom kindles the fire. It spills out & covers the light. Meaning, loss, persistence of might. Piles cannot oppose the density. The wicked circle faces its destiny, trembles anxiously, dying defying. The tar flows down the valley. Towards perdition, withstand ignition. Ritual of fire, dust and pyre. Which way I fly is hell; myself am hell; And in the lowest deep a lower deep, Still threat’ning to devour me, opens wide, To which the hell I suffer seems a heaven. John Milton
Farewell my land At the break of dawn, We've fleed slaughter and toss Conflagration took our fortune and hope Now roads, this landscape never ends And the feeling that we're just bodies In falling rain and howling wind The fallen men, emaciated Struggle ahead In search of a reason to stand Another day of strain Glimmer of life demands a fuel to combust Madness of this World, the powermonger's choice Exploitation fever, grants controlled upheaval Orphans of the War, we, the broken throng Numbers of the trade, lives for gold and wealth Anguish of this World, the poverty ignored Like cannon fodder's prayers, words of hope unheard Rubble behind Our heritage and pride All the past rend with the hostile hands Further from ordeal, we run Further from ordeal, closer to oblivion Further from ordeal, we endure Further from ordeal, deeper into sorrow Turned into a cattle, we last We, the flock among the wolves Lead: Daniel Kesler
Drawn into the depths in a vortex of evil. It desires every piece of life. Names many, monstrous, fatal spirits. The embodiment of desires, murky matters. It reaches for a goblet of pain. It lies in the dark. The mirror as shadow breaks the silence. Only space separates them. Seeing this crack. Time stands still. Staring at the void when it dies. Shrines, tombs of the broken. Lurking specters, hiding hounds. Dancing on the blade that pierces the will. Creating a unity from the dead, Burst like enchanted snakes. Feed and bask in the riches of flesh. Lead: Daniel Kesler Falls asleep in a pool of loss. Dirty, touched and enslaved. Starves in isolation with a sense of healing. Rotfiends to be forgotten, demons will take what belongs to them.
Aurora 02:29
Debris 05:05
Wherever I am there's nothing. Where the thought disappears there is a way to perish. Empty worlds above our heads. What rises upwards, what desires when we build graves. This moment - few grains. Between circles over time. Dreams far by eternity. Searching in constant, denying pleasures, Rejection, worshiping death, Above all judgment of flesh and affliction. By rituals and prayers to witchcraft and wisdom. In twilight before dawn the virtues fade away, mocked by veiled faces. These deeds to forget, these truths ahead. Lead: Hubert Więcek Lead: Daniel Kesler We stand against those laws in abjection. We float between thoughts to foreign worlds. Tearing off garments, on the verge of lies, in preservation. The fire smolders and the souls go away. Viola: Monika Boroni
From savaged mind, to savaged soul Interval of pain, harm left untold Under gloss of might, beyond its supremacy Denied, repelled, forgotten Against the grain Into the void, secret kingdom to claim A thousand words, one thousand thorns Recollections that mend the past together To hold, to reign As savaged mind, with savaged soul Assemble parts of broken mould Once shattered, once worn With any shame With every wound With every hurt Passed on All my steps wake remnants of the past Judgements thrown like stones still back and forth What's real, who's sane? Who dares to save a man from himself No more, no less, but only will might alter In between the harm uncured and tainted flow Rage will come No one breaks the circle Rage will come Venom keeps on flowing If the harm once done Cannot be forgotten Pain... Won't wither away Future dawns with patterns once obtained Choices built on bones of elder realm Find a root, find a core Don't let it poison you with scorn Vicious spiral grows within and... Raw determinism to prevail and thrive Burden of templates for the matrix ahead Damage done, wound unhealed Carrying the past for sake of dodging the fall Now share your heart with the abyss You'll never feel the cold again Nothing hurts, no one... Immerse in boundless deep Into the depth of the purest Śūnyatā When deserted mind realizes The source and flow, Where the hatred Comes as a legacy Of the harmed Lead: Hubert Więcek
Earth ablaze, char and fire… I, here I stand as a witness Here I wait for the flames I, I beheld the inferno Hence my eyes let be yours I, heretofore I have promised Ink my truth with my blood I, I will lay down my burden Concealed by scoria and tar Hear the awakening of the Gods Aether devoured by darkness Dis Pater! We cannot evade your wrath What is ever begotten, be your guest down below Engulfed by cinder, Pompei, our tomb Veritas Odit Moras, letters from the grave What should be written to limn our demise Words that convey worthless struggle to thrive Abandoned hope, temper tantrum of mad Grim memoir of unknown, doomed man Abide to perish with a horrendous toll Wrong conjuncture of place and time Veiled, like a widow's pale lips Preordained for the first in line What mind can't erase, Time does for real Veritas Odit Moras, Omnes Una Manet Nox! Fatal hour, epilogue of misery Falls like a blade with a terminal blow Let my words bring my world to you Bitter embers of my ways, the path of rebel soul This appealing tragic flaw Hath become my failure Ring the bells to let them know From the ash, to dust we rolled Blow the horns, for our souls Comprehend this mortal coil


Redemptor is back with their first new full-length in four years, the successor to their well-received “Arthaneum” album. “Agonia” delivers nine new tracks of Technical, Heavy, and Atmospheric Death Metal (for fans of Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Death).
'Agonia' is a dense and overwhelming album filled with 9 tracks making up more than 43 minutes of immersive structure.

Working on “Agonia”, we’ve been entirely focused on creating an overwhelming, dark atmosphere. It expresses fear, anguish, and despair. In the flood of strange and bleak arrangements the peculiarity floats inertly towards the abyss.

'Agonia' recording line-up:

Daniel Kesler: Guitar/Vocals
Michał Xaay Loranc - Vocals
Hubert Więcek - Guitar
Kamil Stadnicki - Bass
Daniel Rutkowski - Drums

With the drums recorded at dMb Studio, the album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Zed Studios by Tomasz Zalewski (Decapitated, Kat, Deivos), and completed with artwork by the band’s vocalist Michał Xaay Loranc, known from his work for Behemoth, Necrophagist, Nile, Abysmal Tortment, and many more. Additionally, “Agonia” features guest contributions of viola from Monika Boroni and orchestral arrangement by Dominik Wawak on the song “Debris”.

Alongside the album’s details, “Agonia”’s lead single, “Potion Of The Skies”, has also been issued through an official video created by Chariot Of Black Moth.


released December 3, 2021

Music and arrangments by Daniel Kesler, except:
'Wounds Unhealed' by Hubert Więcek,
'Les Ruines De Pompei' by Michał Xaay Loranc

Choir arrangements by Michał Xaay Loranc

Lyrics by Daniel Kesler and Michał Xaay Loranc

Mixed by Tomasz ZED Zalewski
Mastered by Tomasz ZED Zalewski and Michał Xaay Loranc
Drums recorded by Dominik Wawak at dMb Studio
Guitars and bass recorded at Guitarmanic House
Vocals recorded at Guitarmanic House and SG Productions

Cover artwork and layout by Michał Xaay Loranc


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